First day in the states!

Just checked into the Hostel, busy  long day! kinda went smooth! had a bit of problem with weight as i couldn’t bring my skateboard with me and they tried to charge me a extra £200 for a extra baggage but solved the problem by putting stuff in my bike box instead it did break my mud guard but better than £200 though, it took me a while to put my bike back together outside the airport but it went smooth enough, i opened my pannier and my sun tan lotion had broke all in he bag! not good! have to clean that in a bit…Went to Cycle off but realised it was not a good start right by a busy airport, tiredness and lack of confidence made me make a train into Manhattan, its surprisingly how many people chat to you when you got all that gear, met a real nice guy from Chicago who has been living here for the last 3 years… Its a real pain moving the bike about on trains, had to get of at a later stop as they had a lift and there is no way i can lift it up a flight of stairs, no chance – best things for bikes with all that gear on is to be riding which ill be doing tomorrow :)

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