Equipment list for flight

Equipment list for flight, (please free to comment if you feel there is something i have forgot)

2. Mattress
3. Sleeping bag
4. Bungee cords
5. Tarp
6. Right pannier bag
   A.  Bag cycling clothes
          2 cycling tops
          2 cycling bip shorts
           1 pair of cycling boxer shorts
          3 pairs of cycling sox
          Cycle jersey
          Cycle gloves
          DC Bandana
          Cycling cap
          Cycling glasses.  (To get)
          High vis top
          Waterproof Jacket
   B. Cycling shoes
   C. Food and medicine bag
         8 packets of oatmeal
         3 dinner packets (to get)
         Energy gels ( 10 )
         Electrolytes  (7 tubes)
         Victim pills
         Pain killers
    D. Bag of 125 herbal tea
    E. Print outs google map  of everyday for directions
    F. Print outs of Hostels already booked
    G. Print out of greyhound to Vancouver
7. Left pannier bag
     A. Cooking bag
          2  Sporks
           Plastic bowl and cup
           Wind sheild
          Gas (to buy out in NY)
          Water filter and tablets
           Wind proof matches and lighter
          50 ft cord
           Pocket knife tool (kindly given from Citysurf)
    B. camp clothes
          3 t-shirts (lost art, DC, story)
          1 pair of thermal sox
          1 pair of  stance sox
          Thermal bottoms
          Prima loft vest top
          Base layer
         Medina wool base layer
         Wool gloves
         2 pairs if boxer shorts
         Travel towel
      C. Toilet bag
            Toothpaste and toothbrush
            Nail clippers
            Deoderont (small)
            Soap (small)
             Sun tan lotion
            Insect repelier
            After bite
           D. Bike tools bag
                Chain lube
                Multi tool
                Chain tool
                2 spare inatubes
                 4 spare spokes
                  Spoke wrench
               4 spare break pads
               Puncture repair kit
               Duct tape
              Chain links ( to get)
              Zip ties
       E. laptop
       F. Pedals
8. Handle bar bag
      Cycle computer
      Fake wallet ( to get)
      Pepper spay
      First aid kit
     Phone charger
     Phone aces to film, tripod, lenses
     Laptop charger
    5 USB cable’s (phone, mophie, kindle, shuffle, gps, solar Panal)
    Socket converter
     Solar panel charger
    Small   Pillow
9. Helmet
10. Bike lock
11.  Small skateboard if weight allows
12. Welsh flag
On bike boxed up….
2 1 liter water bottles
iphone holder
Saddle bag
On me…
 Phone with mophie case
iPod shuffle
Bike lock key
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