Its all becoming Very Real!!!

So I’ve decided to cycle across America, i have to admit i am no pro cyclist not even sure if you would say i was a amateur cyclist, i do enjoy cycling and i am a keen cyclist to work and back but my history with bikes does not go back much further than that i am defiantly more of a runner. The reason i choose this challenge is because my skateboard company had come to an end and i really wanted something to do of the back of it, i wanted to travel and i all ways like a challenge so i combined those ideas and came up with this, i might be winning it but i am so excited about this i feel like a kid a Xmas.
I’ve got my flight, got my touring bike, most of the equipment, been trying to get the training done on the bike, its going ok but been so busy working to get funds for the trip there is not much time to get the miles in, my bike maintenance skills is near to non existence, I’ve got 2 weeks to have a crash course in it. Ive mapped out most of my route from Google maps for each day, I’ve got a pretty good GPS and a offline American maps app on my iPhone, should get a physical map also i guess. Ill be averaging 50 miles a day for 80 days covering over 4000 miles visiting 13 states including New York, Kansas, California, Nevada etc, not sure what state ill end up in but reckon it will be pretty bad ;)
 Ill be documenting as much as possible when i have wifi with little video’s, photo’s and stories so keep  looking back and seeing  what mischief i get in. Special thanks so far goes to Damon at Real skateboards, Ed at DC, Jerome at Shiner, Martin Jones for setting this site up, Jon Horner for the ace illustration, Mark Baines at Story, Madison distrubution for the help with bike equipment and the guys at City surf and Lost art.
Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 08.05.37
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